Adult Cruise

They call it the "love" cruise or Adult Cruise for people with "open mind". It is a 5 day trip organized by the company LLv this Adult Cruise, which will start in June 17th , 2018 from Vancouver to Alaska.

The idea of this Adult Cruise is to travel through exotic places so that they can freely express their sexuality with "like-minded couples in open relationships The  Adult Cruise has a capacity for 700passengers and accepts tentative couples, curious or experienced swingers.

And it explains at the moment that the sale takes place, that "(almost) everything is allowed" in this Adult Cruise. However, there are some rules that this Adult Cruise will explain the first night of the tour. For example, clothing, sex etc in this Adult Cruise.

The purpose of this Adult Cruise, which will last five days and seven nights to the Alaska Cities and Glaciers and then return to the initial point, is to have fun and expand the sexual horizons of those who embark on this adventure with this amazing Adult Cruise

Every night there will be an erotic party with costumes and sex toys in this Adult Cruise.

The prices of this innovative sexual adventure are here in the booking area

The Adult Cruise is equipped with restaurants, bars, casinos and will offer sex shops, different erotic rooms and 100% nudist areas. It will also have pools where tights and bikinis will be optional. All a spicy and sensual experience never ends in this Adult Cruise

The Adult Cruise has already been in charge of publicizing the different prohibitions, since the sexual theme does not imply a valid all. It will not be allowed to exceed certain noise levels after midnight; It is strictly forbidden here in this Adult Cruise for the crew to maintain relations with the passengers; It will not be possible to record video or take photographs to protect the privacy of those involved, and, most importantly, here in the Adult Cruise they emphasize that in the case of a refusal to a sexual proposal, it should not be insisted.